Eco-digger was founded at the end of 2018 by Hans van Pelt and Jos van Grootveld. Although the company is relatively young, the people together have been active in vertical transport for more than 50 years. The company focuses on the production of electric earthmoving machinery, the basis of which always consists of a donor machine with proven technology, of which the diesel engine has been exchanged for an electric motor and lithium battery-pack. All this to cope with the ever-increasing demand for "cleaner" construction equipment, especially in the big cities. Click here for an overview of the available models.

In addition to the 100% reduction of harmful exhaust gases at the work site, the use of the electric motor also has a positive influence on the noise level produced by the machine, so that people in and around the machine can easily communicate with each other. Less fatigue and a smaller chance on errors due to miscommunication are the result. It is also pointed out that deployment in, for example, residential areas or other areas where a low noise level is desirable and / or required is possible.
Furthermore, there is of course the saving on fuel and also maintenance costs, which is greatly reduced through the use of a maintenance-free electric motor and the battery-pack. All necessary information is displayed on a tough-screen, keeping the operator informed of the remaining battery capacity, the current consumption and the remaining working time based on the current consumption.

It's the machine for those companies that pursue an active policy concerning CO2-neutral working, whether or not linked to the Environmentally Responsible Business Policy, or who want to limit the emission of nitrogen or want to reach any other environmental target.